Très Bien France, Très Bien

Did you catch this on the weekend?

“France bans super-skinny models in anorexia clampdowN”

Basically, thanks to a new law passed by the French government it’s now illegal to condone anorexia, fashion models must meet minimum BMI requirements, and “any re-touched photo that alters the bodily appearance of a model for commercial purposes must carry a message stating it’s been manipulated.”

What possible reason could there be for Australia NOT to do this?

As much as we might miss the pale legs and dirty grey socks of former president/loon Nicolas Sarkozy (who actually turned up in shorts and joggers on his first day in office!)…

France anorexia ban

President Sarkozy, gettin’ it done! Photo credit:

…today we here at mindfoodly say: “Très bien President Hollande!” and “C’est à ton tour Prime Minister Abbott!”


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