mindfoodly Review: Lower East Café


Since our first visit to Lower East Café a couple of months ago we’ve been back a few times for breakfast, but until today we hadn’t seen what they could do at lunch.

With a menu so new the friendly staff had to double-check prices, we were spoilt for choice. We’d seen a sample of the new offerings on Lower East’s Facebook page but had to check it out for ourselves!

inside-lower-eastAfter a coffee and pre-lunch treat at Sifters—a trendy Wollongong co-op bringing together food, fashion and florists—we made our way down to Lower East (located on the, you guessed it, lower east end of Crown St) and sat down to order.

We didn’t have any trouble getting a table today, but it’s worth noting that’s not always the case. Lower East is good, and people know it. They’re usually pretty quick, but if you’re there for breakfast on a Saturday be prepared to down a few (excellent) coffees while you wait for your food. 

The new menu offers a range of burgers, salads and veggie dishes. We went for ‘The Burger’—a beef ricotta patty with bacon, American cheese, roasted peppers, grilled onions, tomato, roast garlic aioli and house pickles on a brioche bun—and the ‘Definition Roast Veg’—asparagus, cherry tomatoes, zucchine, eggplant, fennel and mixed leaves, with an optional avocado add on.


The burger was delicious. It’s served without chips, but its generous size makes it a meal in its own right. To be honest, it was consumed a little quicker than it should’ve been and time wasn’t taken to really enjoy it. Still, while it lasted, the experience was well worth the $12.


The roast veg dish was just what was needed on a cold, rainy autumn day. The only caveat is it doesn’t include any carbs—so make sure you grab one of their slices or brownies after!

Between the rest of the lunch menu and the new and improved brekky offerings we’ll definitely be back at Lower East soon!





Lower East Café
70 Crown St, Wollongong 

(02) 4226 9922


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