mindfoodly Review: Samuels Restaurant

Last Sunday we felt like doing something special and booked a 7pm sitting at Samuels Restaurant, Thirroul. Although the food was amazing, it’s not what the night will be remembered for.

Throughout the night we chatted to a lovely couple who were seated next to us. We shared stories about our work and discussed our favourite local restaurants. They were the type of people you know would make great friends—genuinely interested in our lives and just good people!

At the end of the night we said goodbye to our neighbouring diners and went to pay for our meals. As we approached the register we were surprised to see the entire night’s staff waiting for us, smiling. Matt pulled out his credit card to fix the bill only to be told, “It’s been taken care of.” The friendly couple had paid for our entire meal!

I don’t think we’ve ever been more shocked or moved by such a random act of kindness in our lives. I nearly started to cry as we went back to the table to thank them and give them both big hugs. It was more than just the gesture—this lovely couple reminded me of something: although food is great, it’s not the centre of the world. For the first time in a long while I left a restaurant not dwelling on the food I’d just eaten, but instead reflecting on the amazing people we were just blessed to meet.

We were so stunned we forgot to ask the couple for their last names and we’re now on a desperate hunt to track them down so we can thank them properly!

Now please don’t think I’ve forgotten about the actual reason for our visit: Samuels’ food. It was amazing—and so was the service—and we’ll definitely be returning (as paying customers next time!).

On arrival we were given two lovely pieces of warm sourdough and an enormous knob of butter—which for two butter loving people was very much appreciated. We can’t stand when restaurants only provide a sliver of butter, or worse, none at all!


We were particularly ravenous and decided to dive straight into the mains. As always we were sharing our meals and we ordered the lamb and beef tenderloin.

The beef was mouth tinglingly good. The medium rare meat was cooked particularly well (no pun intended) and the accompanying kumara puree was the perfect pairing.


Hunter Valley signature beef tenderloin (180g), kumara, silver beet

As good as the beef was, the lamb was the real showstopper of the night. It was so tender and juicy that it just screamed to be eaten. The ginger-infused pumpkin and eggplant relish made this dish our favourite—the unusual combo of ingredients really worked and left us hanging for more.


Cowra lamb rump, pumpkin and ginger, eggplant relish

We ordered a side of green beans to go along with our mains, and I can happily say that every last one of them was eaten.


Organic green beans, raw almonds

For dessert we finished off with a banana semifreddo and warm apple terrin.


Banana semifreddo


Warm apple terrine

Samuels Restaurant
382 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Thirroul NSW 2515
(02) 4268 2244


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