Intuitive Eating is Not Meant to Be Another Diet

Today’s blog is going to be a quick one. True intuitive eating is something that every person with an eating disorder dreams of; the ability to have complete food freedom and eat what you want and when you want seems unfathomable. And that is why we are so, so lucky to have people like the lovely Lauren Fowler—an intuitive eating advocate and all-round generous and beautiful person—to show us that achieving intuitive eating is entirely possible.

I’ve dabbled in intuitive eating, but I’m not there yet. When I’ve tried over the past couple of years, I always find the ED manages to twist my best intentions into yet another set of rules and restrictions. I start to overthink hunger, fullness and cravings until I’m completely overwhelmed, and lo and behold, there’s the ED, waiting to “restore control” and calm my anxieties. For me, so far, any attempt at intuitive eating has simply been another diet in disguise.

This is where Lauren comes in. She recently blogged about how to avoid the diet mindset when practicing intuitive eating. She explains what true intuitive eating is and highlights the traps waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting eater. Lauren’s given us the OK to share the following three points with you, but I really encourage anyone who’s ever tried, or thought about trying, to eat intuitively to check out the entire article. You can read it here.


I want to thank Lauren for allowing us to share this on our blog and also for encouraging me and so many others to believe that we too can rediscover eating and find peace with food.





4 thoughts on “Intuitive Eating is Not Meant to Be Another Diet

  1. Lauren Fowler RDN says:

    Thanks Kate for sharing + your thoughts 🙂 It’s so insightful of you to know that you may not be ready for it yet and being able to distinguish between the ED voices of control. I find intuitive eating comes gradually and naturally over time, and it’s so essential to be patient and kind through eating disorder recovery with it!


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