Our first eBook, You Are Not Alone, is available now!

YANA front cover

We are very excited to announce the first ever mindfoodly eBook, You Are Not Alone: Real Stories that Challenge the Silence, Shame and Stigma of Eating Disorders, is available to download now.

Here at mindfoodly, we really believe in being open and honest about our struggles. The longer things are kept in the dark, the more power they have over you—and the harder it is to beat them.

Since launching mindfoodly, we’ve already heard from loads of people fighting eating disorders, overcoming personal tragedies and wrestling with identity issues. They tell us our stories have inspired them, and their stories have given us hope.

You Are Not Alone features real stories from a brave bunch of women, as well as practical tips and support from health professionals, including a psychologist and dietitian who specialise in eating disorders.

Every story in this book is unique, but they’re connected by a common thread: the desire to live a life free of eating disorders, and to show all of you out there that you have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide and you are definitely not alone.

Read more about the book and download your free copy now!


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