Hunger Signals: The Ultimate Reminder Your Body Knows What It’s Doing

WARNING: This post is a little rantish and as much for my own good as anyone else’s!

I really am hating on today’s overbearing messages about food, exercise and weight. I hate the fact that I’ve been taught to ignore my hunger signals and to rely not on how hungry or satisfied I am, but on a serving suggestion thrown on a label or a piece of advice about portion control dished out by a so called ‘health expert’. Since when is it better to listen to someone else when it comes to what’s right for my body?


The amount of articles I see with headlines like, “The best ways to avoid snacking” or “The trick to losing weight is to not eat after XX o’clock”, is ridiculous. Why should we avoid snacking if we feel hungry? Why should we stick to certain rules around times and portion if your body is telling you that more food is needed?

Like I said, this post is more so for me than anyone else because lately I have been HUNGRY a lot (like all the time) and I’ve found that instead of being excited and thinking, “Wow, my body is amazing – it’s telling me what I need to make it work the best way possible!” (which should be even more exciting for anyone recovering from an eating disorder, since signals like these often disappear in the midst of EDs), I found myself feeling ashamed and guilty for not being full from the dinner, lunch or snack I just ate. I too easily fall back into trying to distract and trick my body into not being hungry and I hate it because it’s good to be in touch with your hunger signals (and it’s even better to listen to those signals and EAT!).

Working on this is my biggest priority at the moment! I’m trying to muster up the courage to respond to the signals my body gives me and remember that less is not more! It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or what anyone else eats. My body is my body, and (thanks to hunger signals) I’m the only one who truly knows what it needs to be the best it can be.


10 thoughts on “Hunger Signals: The Ultimate Reminder Your Body Knows What It’s Doing

  1. peasandcorn says:

    This bit of advice could not have come at a better time! Currently trying to distract myself from having a second dinner… If my body tells me it needs more food then so be it. To the kitchen I shall go. Cheers!


  2. superfitbabe says:

    YES, eat intuitively and don’t listen to a number on a sheet or an article that tells you to hold your appetite when it’s GOING CRAZY! I totally agree that you have to stay in tune with your body, and it’s a priority of mine too!


  3. Amy says:

    So well said. I am working on this as well in my recovery. It is so frustrating that you almost can’t go anywhere without calories, labels, serving sizes, “warnings” and recommended restriction being thrown at us. I just want to eat intuitively and without intervention!


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