Because Sometimes Other People Say It Better

There are so many good people out in this world preaching stories of recovery, true health and hope to our diet-entrenched society, I thought this week was a great opportunity to share some of the articles and blogs that have inspired me lately.


How To Stop Feeling Guilty When You Eat – Imma Eat That

Kylie at Imma Eat That is just awesome. Lately she’s been speaking some great truths about food, exercise and our bodies, and this is just one of her blog posts that has reminded me the eating disorder is not my friend!

BONUS: Kylie also just posted this DELICIOUS looking coconut pancake recipe which I’m dying to try (and her suggestion in the yield/serve section made me smile from ear to ear).

real life RD

Your Body Isn’t A Battlefield – The Real Life RD

Robyn is another one of my favourite bloggers. She always reminds me to be gentle and loving towards myself and others. This post is a great reminder of how to not be so harsh on ourselves. She also wrote a kickass post on redefining “healthy” that had me air high-fiving her through the computer; a MUST read.


Suffer From Orthorexia? 3 Reasons To Eat Out For Every Meal

Maddy is really challenging herself (and by extension, me) in so many areas of recovery. This post was awesome and she is such a good example that recovery is possible and so, so worth it.

Happy reading 🙂


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