Link Love: July/August 2016


Every day Kate is on the lookout for encouraging, inspirational content to help in her fight to recover from the eating disorder. More and more, we’re finding the volume of positive content increasing and we couldn’t be happier! 

Here’s a selection of articles and blog posts that really made a difference for Kate over the last few months. We hope they’ll be meaningful for you too.

Monday Refreshment

Robyn Coale, RD, RN (aka The Real Life RD) | 11 July 2016

“Trying to make your body smaller than it was genetically designed to be is like trying to fit your size 8 foot into a size 7 shoe. It’s futile.”

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You Are Getting Portion Sizes Wrong (And What To Do Instead)

Josée Sovinsky, RD | 12 July 2016

“There are several guidelines and rule books out there when it comes to portion sizes. For example, Living Well With Canada’s Food Guide provides several examples of “appropriate” portion sizes for individuals based on sex and age. Other guides encourage you to determine portion sizes by using your hands and fists as a reference. While many people feel this type of guide helpful, there are several ways in which they are flawed.”

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Why I Haven’t Weighed Myself in 2 1/2 Years

Kylie Mitchell, MPH, RDN, LD (aka Immaeatthat) | 4 August 2016

“My doctor walked into the office and the first thing she said to me was, “you’ve gained weight.” I remember thinking, “hmm. Even though the foreign doctor gave me meds out of his trunk, at least he didn’t comment on my weight unnecessarily.””

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Finally Saying “I’m Sorry” to My Body

Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN | 9 August 2016

“I wore a bathing suit this weekend. While that’s not unusual for me — a water-loving mom of two girls just learning to swim — this was definitely different. This weekend, I returned to the place my body hatred began. When I first feared becoming fat, when I got the urge “watch myself” around food, to promise I would exercise “off” what I just ate, and where I started to believe I was more lovable when I felt thin.”

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