A Simple, But Handy, Recovery Tool

As most of you are aware, lately I’ve been faced with yet another stage of the recovery journey. I know exactly what I have to do to get through it and restore my body to health (eat more, exercise less – revolutionary, right?) but it is really difficult to put into action.

Whenever I’ve been faced with something that feels scary or massive during my recovery, I’ve broken it down into small steps that I am comfortable with…well, as comfortable as you can be when there’s a voice inside your head screaming at you to stop! This was something I learned in the early days of recovery from my dietitian and psychologist. They both told me that if you try to think of ALL the things you need to do to overcome an ED, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and most likely not even able to start the recovery process.

My support team taught me to think in short-term, achievable, realistic tasks and to gradually build up to bigger steps. In taking this approach I’ve tackled so many of my ED behaviours, little bit by little bit.

So when I was faced with yet another challenging phase of recovery recently, I went back to this basic methodology. I sat down with Matt and first wrote down the end outcome I wanted, then the larger actions that would get me there, and finally broke those actions down into individual steps I could take without absolutely freaking out.

It really helped. It made the whole situation seem a little less overwhelming – still scary as sh*t, but doable. I had a plan.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 5.27.33 PM.png

Flip the process on its head. Start from the bottom with outcomes, then onto actions and finally the small, individual steps you can take right now to recover.

So if you’re struggling with a situation; feeling numb and unable to take any action, maybe give this tool a try. It helped this girl (who overthinks pretty much every single food choice) to intuitively pick a burger for lunch, and it might just be able to help you too!



7 thoughts on “A Simple, But Handy, Recovery Tool

  1. Angie Sim says:

    I’ve been struggling with an ED of my own and this helped a lot. Small steps, small steps. Today I eat a slice of pizza and tomorrow I eat slower, and the day after another slice. It’s all about taking those steps, breaking it down. Thanks so much for sharing, very helpful. (Check out my blog too~ I talk about similar topics and my eating disorder recovery experience) Great post!


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