Link Love: September 2016

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Every day Kate’s on the lookout for encouraging, inspirational content to help in her fight to recover from the eating disorder. More and more, we’re finding the volume of positive content increasing and we couldn’t be happier! 

Here’s a selection of articles and blog posts that really made a difference for Kate over the last few months. We hope they’ll be meaningful for you too.

You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before You Ask for Help

R is for Recovery (and Rebekah) | 14 September 2016

“Here’s the thing: recovering from an eating disorder is scary. Change is scary. The anxiety about what people may think of us if and when we do ask for help is overwhelming. And the thoughts about not being “sick enough” can often be relentless. But recovery – ongoing and long-term recovery – isn’t about making a few steps forward and then ending back up at square 1.”

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Normal Eaters Are The Healthiest

Robyn Coale, RD, RN (aka The Real Life RD) | 21 September 2016

“Healthy eating can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask. And in the warped world we live in…we often end up in a flurry of judgement and shouldas when we get to talking about healthy eating.”

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What I Ate Wednesday

Robyn Coale, RD, RN (via Hummusapien) | 21 September 2016

“Most importantly, it’s not about the food….really ever. Never have I sat down and chatted with a woman to find out that it’s really just about what’s she’s putting in her mouth. Food is so intricately woven into our emotions, our spirituality, our social lives, and our overall mental health. The posture of our hearts so directly dictates how we view food and our bodies. So really, it’s never about the food.”

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Tips to Start Living a Non-Diet Life

Kylie Mitchell, MPH, RDN, LD (aka Immaeatthat) | 13 September 2016

“Forcing yourself to eat “clean” during the week and allowing yourself to eat in a more relaxed way on the weekend it the perfect way to make yourself feel restricted (and then obsessive) around food.”

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Are You Exercising Too Much? Spiritual Skills for Compulsive Exercisers

Maria Sorbara Mora, MS, RDN, CDN, PRYT, RYT, CEDS | 22 September 2016

“In order to truly recover from exercise disorders, one must literally retrain the body to accommodate a normal and safe amount of exercise. This includes rebalancing metabolic, biochemical and neurochemical aspects, as well as creating a sense of trust that the body exist without excessive exercise.”

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