Recap: One Holiday, One Wedding and One More Reason to Recover

It feels like forever since my last post and I really don’t even know where to begin because so much has happened. So, both to keep you up to date and to get my own head straight, I thought I would do a little recap of what’s been happening in our lives lately.

First up, if you follow us on Instagram you will know Matt and I took a break from all social media during our holiday in Fiji earlier this month. Fiji is our happy place. Seriously, if we won the lottery we would live there! As soon as we step out of the plane we feel relaxed and an overwhelming sense of peace.


But as much as we love it, Fiji still posed a big challenge for me from a recovery perspective. I really wanted to embrace the time away from work, enjoy one-on-one time with Matt and take advantage of his undivided attention and support to really have a good go at tackling some of the challenges I’ve been putting off. That meant going into the holiday (or trying to, at least) with zero tolerance for rules around food and alcohol (hello cocktails!), no strict exercise regimes and as little entertaining of bad thoughts as possible.

Typically on holidays, the fear of taking such drastic recovery steps (and the ever-present fear that anything out of the ordinary will make me put on weight) means it takes me a couple of days to really get going. This time was different. Early on in the holiday, I randomly injured my back. Not sure exactly how it happened or why – all I know is it meant running and other forms of cardio were out of the question, and I had no choice but to follow through with the challenge.


Once my back went out (after a slight meltdown of course!) I decided it was probably God’s way of actually making me do some of the things I’ve been saying I would do all year. And, with just a few bumps along the way, I was able to listen to my body, rest a little more than usual, challenge myself with food and make it the best holiday yet!

Coming home from a holiday is always really hard, but we had something to look forward to in my brother’s wedding the following weekend. I was so honoured to be a bridesmaid for my now sister-in-law, but also felt quite nervous in the lead up.


We picked the bridesmaid dresses almost 12 months ago, so all year the ED had been warning me that I would put on too much weight and not fit the dress if I pushed too hard with recovery. It tried to tell me that I could recover as much as I wanted after the wedding, but until then I needed to just hold back.

(This is a classic ED trick, by the way. Of course, as soon as whatever event you were waiting for is over, the ED will find some new reason for you not to recover. There’s a reason the ED uses this trick so often – it tends to work. And to be honest, since we first picked the dress the ED has won some of the battles. Thankfully, our Fiji trip and the back injury gave me an opportunity to throw a lot of its commands out the door and I was able to prove the ED wrong yet again! Surely I’ll learn soon!)

But, I’m proud to say that though the whole day went so quickly and is a little hazy, I managed to relax enough to celebrate with my brother and new sister-in-law, two of the best people I know. I will forever remember it and hold it dear as one of the best days of my life. It reminded me of how good and blessed my life is; I have the greatest people in it and I don’t ever want anything to hold me back from enjoying it with them again. Just one more reason to recover!



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