A Very Mindfoodly Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone already! It is seriously the best time of the year, but we really do hate how quickly it goes (I would totally live Christmas day over and over again…Groundhog Day style!). Matt and I have a little time off over the holidays so as always we’re using it to tackle some goals and to get closer to a normal relationship with food and exercise. Here’s a little recap of what our Christmas looked like.

Christmas Eve Eve

We spent the 23rd with Matt’s family this year as we find it hard to get to everyone over Christmas Eve/Day.


It was super nice to not have to rush off anywhere and relax over a long brunch, which involved homemade Christmas muesli, bacon and eggs and some choc truffles.


Our niece Peggy Sue

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a little different this year for us, we usually do a big roast dinner at night with my dad’s family, but we decided this year to do a lunch instead. It still involved all the classics of a Christmas dinner: pork, lamb, roast veggies and my favourite, cheese sauce 🙂 Matt and Hollie (my brother’s partner) also added a new tradition to the meal, whipping up a batch of Yorkshire puddings.


The dessert table was full to the brim as usual and I had a sample of the nutella truffles and a fruit mince pie, followed by many more Christmas candies (choc sultanas I’m looking at you).


We ended the night snacking on more Christmas goodies and watching my favourite TV carols, Carols by Candlelight.


Christmas Day

Christmas morning is always my favourite part of the day. Matt and I wake up really early, put on a pot of tea, pray and wish Jesus a happy birthday before ripping into the presents.


After we unwrapped all our pressies we had a quick brekkie and headed to church with my mum.

After church we grabbed coffees from our local (which is the best because the owner always opens Chrissy morning, such a champ!) and drank them at my parents’ place with a slice each of Christmas cake. (I ran out of time to make the cake this year but thankfully my mum made it using my Neany’s recipe – seriously the best one…I know lots of people say that but this one is legit).


For Christmas lunch we headed down the coast to be with mum’s extended family; another roast (no complaining here).


Christmas night was super chilled. We ate leftovers, made some Christmas-y cocktails, swam in the pool and s#!t got real as we played some serious Articulate with the family.

Another awesome Christmas, and one that was even less controlled by any disordered thinking. There were a few shaky points where ED-related thoughts dominated, but I am beginning to realise that enjoying holidays, including all the food, is what true health is about and that my body will look and function its absolute best when I do let go and live in the freedom that I’ve been blessed with. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmases as much as we did 🙂



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