Why Not Try Something Different This Year?

I’m sure you’re all well and truly sick of all the (unhealthy and unhelpful) New Year’s Resolutions coming thick and fast at the moment—I know I am! So, in the spirit of questioning the typically unquestioned, I thought I’d put together my own mindfoodly-style list of alternative ‘resolutions’ that don’t involve dieting, starving your body of nutrients, restricting food or forcing an insane amount of exercise on yourself.

2017 alternative resolutions

1. Be more generous

Relax! I’m absolutely not advocating giving away everything you own. But I think it’s safe to say most of us could stand to be at least a teeny bit more generous (with our money, our time, our affection). Why not start giving to a charity you believe in or start volunteering somewhere? It doesn’t even have to be that formal. Look for opportunities to make a positive difference for friends, family and even strangers!

2. Read more

Reading is a great way to keep your brain active and engaged. If you’re not into books maybe sign up to a few blogs and read them (make sure you don’t sign up to anything that makes you feel like crap, NO DIET/EXERCISE related blogs!!!) If you need help in finding some check out the post I wrote on my favourite blogs

3. Love on your family and friends

Instead of focusing all your attention on making yourself appear a certain way, maybe just spend some time with your loved ones (wild idea, I know!). Cook for them, hang out with them, play stupid games with them. Strong relationships are not only an important part of any healthy life, but they can literally be lifesavers when you’re recovering from an eating disorder.

4. Find a way you like to move

Exercise shouldn’t be something you HAVE to do or something that consumes your thoughts and time. Find movement you actually enjoy—maybe walking’s your jam (it’s mine at the moment..can’t beat an early morning walk along our local beach) or you love to swim—do it, own it, and please for the love of all that’s good, don’t feel like you have to do it for any reason other than enjoyment (especially if that reason is achieving a certain appearance or making up for something you ate).


5. Cook

Specifically, cook this dish by What’s Gaby Cooking (that’ my attempt at it below, sorry for the terrible photo). Because who doesn’t need more pasta in their lives? If you don’t like pasta….I don’t understand you, but go cook a recipe you think looks delish and fun. And don’t cook it because it’s “healthy”, “clean” or has a “tolerable” number of calories—cook it because you want to.


6. Be a good person

Say “please” and “thank you”. Make eye contact with people when they’re talking to you (the talking part is critical; staring at a stranger on the street is not being a good person!). Get. Off. Your. Bloody. Phone. (Seriously, not only will your loved ones thank you, but the benefits to your brain and general wellbeing are unbelievable). Tell someone you appreciate them. If all else fails, we all know the surefire way to be a good person is to help an old lady cross the road with her groceries.

I could go on, because pretty much anything is better than spending your 2017 worrying about food, exercise, weight or appearance. I know it can seem like a really good idea to impose strict new rules when you’re feeling pumped up with new year willpower, but trust me the potential outcomes are life destroying and not worth it in the least. Resolutions can be a disguise for all types of problems, disorders and unnecessary anxiety that you DO NOT need in your life. So for 2017, why not dare to be different and try an alternative resolution? 🙂


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