Things are changing

Late last year, I spoke a little bit about how things would be changing around here at Mindfoodly. You may have already noticed the difference. Well, here’s why.

I always wanted my blogging to be a true reflection of where I was at. I never wanted it to be forced or fake because the whole point was to write honestly in an attempt to get rid of the shame I felt from my ED and to connect with others in similar situations. So, since I haven’t been feeling to write about my ED lately, I haven’t! And I’m glad to say it’s because it no longer rules my life.

It absolutely amazes me that I can honestly say I’m at a place where recovery and the eating disorder in general is not my number one priority or on the forefront of my mind. Life has been filled more and more with good things that don’t involve the ED whatsoever, and as a result, you may have noticed a little less about eating disorders and a little more about the rest of my world!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still staying well on top of recovery, regularly challenging myself and speaking often with Matt. I know I can’t (and I won’t) let things slip. But now I feel I’m less at the mercy of the ED. I know what to do to protect myself, in the same way I know to apply sunscreen so I won’t get burnt. It’s no longer a fight to gain control, but a choice I’m free to make (note: this doesn’t mean I always make the right choice, but I’m getting better every day!).

Through Mindfoodly I’ve met and formed friendships with beautiful people all over the world and I don’t want those relationships to go away. I will continue to blog and show what we’re up to on social media because I want all those people who don’t believe that a normal life is possible after an ED to see that it is. During the darkest days of my recovery I looked to a few amazing women (Hayley Blake, Julia and Immaeatthat) who continue to show how normal living is possible after an ED. At many points, their posts and videos are what got me through and if there’s any chance my writing will do the same for someone else then I’m going to keep doing it. Because recovery and letting go of all disordered eating is a lot easier when you know someone has done it before you.

So for now I’m going to continue to share what I’m doing and what I’m loving. At the moment that’s spending time in my kitchen, pottering about and creating new easy meals for me and Matt.

The first time I made these salmon cakes for two it was on a whim, using up the little leftovers we had in the fridge at the end of a week. Since then we’ve had them pretty much every week. They’re super versatile and you can add just about whatever you want to them (try them with pesto and salad, or with aioli and roast veg…or both!). This recipe is only for two people but you could easily double or triple it to feed more. I hope you love them as much as we do.


Salmon Cakes- Serves two

2x 95g salmon tin in oil (we like sirena)
½ red onion diced
½ cup leftover mashed potato
2 tablespoons sour cream or greek yogurt
1 egg
Small handful of parsley chopped
¾ cup – 1 cup of toasted nuts and breadcrumbs (walnuts, cashews, almonds all work well)
salt and pepper


  1. Place nuts in food processor or process until you get a crumb to your liking. I like mine to have some big bits in there as well. Place in a bowl with breadcrumbs if using.
  2. Combine all ingredients except the nuts and breadcrumbs.
  3. Place in fridge for 1 hour.
  4. Make into 4-5 patties and crumb in the nut mixture.
  5. Heat oil in fry pan (you will need a good amount) and cook patties 3-4 minutes on each side (or until browned).



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