The Mornington and Melbourne

Today on the blog we’re sharing our top eats from around the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne city. So be prepared for a whole heap of photos!

We arrived in the Mornington Peninsula at lunch time, after an early morning flight from Sydney and an hour-and-a-half’s drive from the airport. By the time we finally dropped of our stuff at our airbnb (which we would highly recommend—seriously so peaceful and tranquil) we were starving, so we headed to Dee’s Kitchen, a recommendation from the lovely Heidi. This place was sooo good, it is a must visit if you are ever in the area. The food is all cooked fresh and sourced locally, so we knew we were in for a good feed when we arrived. We went with a Falafal plate and Potato Smash to share between us and it was insanely good!



Another favourite from the Mornington was Shop Ate where I had the best porridge of my life! Matt had an omelette that looked, smelled (and even tasted) a bit like a pizza.


Another top pick was the Monalto Vineyard and Olive Grove, where we shared a bunch of small plates for a late lunch one day (if you ever make it there, order the squid—it was to die for!). Before we ate we spent half an hour wandering through the winery grounds. It was such a relaxing walk. The sun was slowly shifting into afternoon mode and all through the grounds local sculptors had displayed their creations. By the time we made it up the Piazza Cafe to eat we were both feeling sleepy and super relaxed (and the Monalto Pinot Gris recommended by the wait staff only enhanced that feeling).



When you’re in the Mornington, make sure you head to all the local supermarkets (the Ritchie’s IGAs are insane—but be warned, they’re all over the Peninsula and some are just standard grocery stores. The best two we found were in Mt Eliza and Dromana) and local grocers (Red Hill Cellar and Pantry was our favourite). Heidi has an awesome list on her website too, which we found super helpful.

Now on to Melbourne, which (as always) involved lots of coffee. Our friends at Sandygoodwich gave us some awesome coffee recommendations, which included Market Lane (excuse the reflection of Matt taking the photo!).


After watching the episode of The Chef’s Line that featured Tonka we were pretty excited to get in and try some of their beautiful dishes. It most definitely did not disappoint! The lighting was pretty bad in the restaurant so our photos are all a little blurry, but if you find yourself there make sure you get the naan (cooked in the restaurant’s two tandoor ovens by tandoor-trained experts).

There were some delicious breakfasts in Melbourne as well, including the famous Double Baked Almond Croissant from Lune.


The Grain Store also was a standout brekky.


We got the potato hash with mushrooms, eggs and hollandaise sauce…

20170527_085647.jpg… and the bacon and egg bagel.

Dinner at Longrain was definitely up there as well (I feel like I’m repeating myself, but seriously every place we went was so good—we are big advocates for doing your homework before you travel so you only hit the best spots)! We went with the Massaman Lamb Shank special and their famous Caramelized Pork Hock and it was sooooooooooooo good!


Our last meal was the one we were most excited about (we are suckers for Italian, you just cant’ beat it!). We were lucky enough to get a table at Tipo 00 where we enjoyed their Polenta Chips, Tortellini, Gnocchi and famous Tipomisu (one each, of course!).





So there you have it, another fun food-filled holiday, done and dusted.


4 thoughts on “The Mornington and Melbourne

  1. Kaylee says:

    Falafel is always the way to go. I am also all for researching the must-try places when travelling.
    You’re making me want to pack up and head over to Australia more and more!


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