Our favourite times tend to involve food, whether it be baking the day away, catching up with friends over coffee and home-made treats, family feasts, researching foodies’ blogs or visiting (and stalking the menus of) restaurants.

Eating is an essential part of any eating disorder recovery process, and we’re foodies to our core. That’s why we want to share our favourite delicious recipes with you (plus it would be rude to keep them to ourselves!).

Cheesy Veggie Lasagna

This lasagna is based on a recipe by Jessica Merchant (How Sweet It Is), but I’ve changed it up to include the ingredients I had at home. If you like cheese, roast veggies or pasta then please read on>> Get the recipe

Creamy Pumpkin Basil Pasta

This recipe is such a great easy dinner when you feel like a warm, comforting bowl of pasta. >> Get the recipe

Kate’s Plumble (aka Plum Crumble)

This recipe for plum crumble (or “plumble” as it’s known in our house) is a great way to use those summer fruits. Plus it makes a great next day breakfast served cold with vanilla bean yoghurt. >> Get the recipe


This recipe is a new one that kind of came together because I’d been craving some good old-fashioned pasta bake. It’s super easy to make and is one of our favourite Meat-Free Monday meals. >> Get the recipe


We don’t do anything special or out of the ordinary with our pesto, but we have had so many requests for the recipe we thought we better put it up! >> Get the recipe

Choc Coconut Cake w/ Cranberries

I have to say from a person who does not love cake all that much, this recipe is absolutely scrumptious. I love the fudgey goodness of this cake, and the cranberries give it that little bit of something extra. >> Get the recipe

Slow Cooked Mexican Beef

An easy go-to meal that can be made ahead of time and provides plenty of leftovers. >> Get the recipe


Granola is my all-time favourite breakfast option. I’ve always been a cereal girl at heart and some days I will have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> Get the recipe


This minestrone soup is one of those “make up as you go” recipes so you can get creative with your preferred ingredients. However, we must be pushy and say the parmesan rind is a must, if you haven’t used this in soups before you have to try it—it’s a life changer. >> Get the recipe

Three Cheese Roast Vegetable Frittata

A nutrient-packed dish that’s quick and easy to make when unexpected guests drop in (and stay for lunch!) >> Get the recipe


Falafels are one of our go-to meals. They’re easy to make, cheap and the ingredients can almost always be found in our fridge and pantry. >> Get the recipe

Satay Sauce

Every cook should have this recipe in their repertoire. >> Get the recipe

Pea and Ham Soup

When the weather gets cooler you can’t beat this heartwarming soup. >> Get the recipe

SALMON with roast veg salad

We love salmon. And we love vegetables. We’d be crazy not to put ’em together…and so would you! >> Get the recipe