Links and Downloads

We are so grateful for the experts and health professionals who’ve given so much of their lives to studying food, our bodies and our minds, and how they interact. The following is a list of links and downloads we think you’ll find useful if you have an eating disorder, care for a loved one who does, or are just interested in learning more about taking care of yourself (the right way).


Australian Dietary Guidelines (
Basedย on the latest scientific evidence, the Australian Dietary Guidelines describe the best approach to eating for a long and healthy life.

National Eating Disorders Collaboration (
A collaboration of people and organisations with an expertise and/or interest in eating disorders.

The Butterfly Foundation (
Support for Australians experiencing eating disorders.

Health, Not Diets (
Supporting health professionals, dietitians and counsellors to learn about and start using the non-diet approach with their patients and clients. Plenty of useful information for non-professionals too!


Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (PDF, 309KB)

Understanding Appetites (PDF, 333KB)