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What Are Eating Disorders?

We’ve said it many times here at mindfoodly: we’re not experts. So instead of trying to explain what an eating disorder is ourselves, we’ve borrowed this definition from the National Eating Disorders Collaboration: “Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses; they are not a lifestyle choice or a diet gone ‘too far.’” To read more visit

We Dig Dietitians

What are dietitians? a) Food nazis who say you can’t eat the things you love b) Super-fit health freaks c) People you only see when you want to lose weight d) Basically the same as nutritionists None of these assumptions are correct, but they are widely held. The truth is pretty different. To be clear, … Continue reading We Dig Dietitians

ED Quiz

If there’s one thing we can’t stand here at mindfoodly it’s people with no real idea masquerading as experts. (For more about our views on this read why we dig dietitians.) So let’s be clear: We are not professionals. We don’t have qualifications in nutrition, health or psychology. And we are definitely not positioned to provide any kind … Continue reading ED Quiz

About mindfoodly

Who we are We are a husband and wife who know first-hand the devastating effects of living with an eating disorder. We’re not perfect. We’re still learning. And we’ve still got a way to go. Our mission We want to make good use of our experience and share what we wish we’d known: We’re on a mission … Continue reading About mindfoodly