ED Quiz

If there’s one thing we can’t stand here at mindfoodly it’s people with no real idea masquerading as experts. (For more about our views on this read why we dig dietitians.)

So let’s be clear:

We are not professionals. We don’t have qualifications in nutrition, health or psychology. And we are definitely not positioned to provide any kind of medical advice.

The checklist below is not intended as a diagnosis tool, but an exercise to get you thinking. If any of the following sounds a little too familiar please (please!) email us using the form at the bottom of this page, or better yet, call a dietitian or psychologist and book an appointment today. (To find a dietitian in your area check out our directory.)

The Quiz

  1. You regularly think about food and exercise, and how they will affect your body.
  2. You often compare what you eat to what’s on others’ plates.
  3. You feel like you’ve ‘failed’ when you eat a chocolate or skip a workout.
  4. You feel panicked when you have to eat something you hadn’t planned on.
  5. You no longer find yourself enjoying food and eating for pleasure.
  6. You religiously restrict certain foods (eg. chocolate, dairy, breads), or nutrients (eg. carbs, fats, sugars) for reasons that aren’t medical, ethical or religious.
  7. You get defensive or angry if someone tells you to eat more.
  8. You place more value on achieving a body type (eg. skinny, ripped, muscly) than simply being healthy.
  9. You champion a particular diet or eating style, won’t consider alternatives, and think people who don’t agree with you are wrong.
  10. You are feeling uncomfortable reading this list.

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