We Dig Dietitians

What are dietitians?

a) Food nazis who say you can’t eat the things you love
b) Super-fit health freaks
c) People you only see when you want to lose weight
d) Basically the same as nutritionists

None of these assumptions are correct, but they are widely held. The truth is pretty different.

To be clear, when we talk about dietitians at mindfoodly we always mean Accredited Practising Dietitians. APDs are university-qualified professionals who continue to improve their understanding through ongoing training and education. Would you trust anyone but a qualified expert to operate on you? Manage your finances or teach your children? Nope. So why should your health be any different?

You can see a dietitian whenever you like, but if you have or think you could have an eating disorder it’s a must.

Anyone who’s suffered from an eating disorder will tell you dietitians not only provide educated advice on eating for health and happiness, but they become key supporters on the recovery journey too.

They’ll answer all your questions (no matter how frequent or ridiculous), hand you tissues when you need to cry it out, and be there to keep you positive when things seem the darkest.

Your health is too important to trust it to chance (or worse, the social media opinions of self-appointed ‘experts’). We encourage everyone to visit a dietitian. If you’re curious, check out our dietitian directory or talk to your GP.