You Are Not Alone: An eBook from mindfoodly

YANA front cover

“At some of the most painful moments, reading about the lives of other people recovering from eating disorders was one of the most comforting things for me. Their success inspired me. And their struggles reminded me I wasn’t alone.” – Kate Baxter, mindfoodly co-founder

Our society today is obsessed with having the perfect appearance. From our Instagram accounts to the clothes on our backs to our weight on the scale, we’re fixated on making others believe we’ve got it all together.

But guess what? We don’t. And it’s about time we got real with each other and stopped living life like it’s one big profile picture.

We’re calling BS on society’s message that no one wants to know about your messy behind-the-scenes. We want to know. Because it’s better when we stand together. Because being open about our weaknesses makes us stronger. Because if we own our stories, they don’t own us.

You are not alone.

Featuring real stories and advice from The Moderation Movement, psychologist Dr Jessica Gray, and Body Positive Australia’s Fiona SutherlandYou Are Not Alone is proof living with an ED doesn’t mean you have to hide, be ashamed or face it on your own.




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